2 Hikari Tokumura Wants To Be Spanked

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Wearing a little plaid skirt that barely covers those sweet cheeks and knee high stockings you just know that Hikari wants to be spanked. When she takes off that skirt and reveals the tiny thong she’s wearing you’ll be only to happy to administer a thorough spanking on her sexy ass. When you take a look at her gallery you’ll see by her cheeky smile as she lifts her skirt up that this babe loves a strong firm hand to turn her creamy smooth butt sting on each stroke.
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19 April, 2014
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Ryu has just started work as a secretary for a firm with some very strict rules regarding dress and conduct. Her new boss enforces the company rules with great vigor. Each morning she makes sure Ryu is dressed appropriately even checking she’s wearing the right underwear, as the company requires that all female staff wear stockings in work.
At this mornings inspection Ryu’s boss is happy with her work attire but is not happy with her work performance. So she’s decided that Ryu needs a sharp reminder to improve herself. She orders Ryu to hitch up her skirt and lean forward over her desk. Taking a ruler Ryu’s boss administers a spanking on her bare buttocks turning them a burning red. If you want to see more Japanese babes getting their firm sexy butts spanked then check out Cutie Spankee for the best Japanese spanking videos.

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One of the things I like about the CUTIESPANKEE site is that they make regular updates on there. This is one of their latest updates, it features two hot Japanese schoolgirls. The head girl has found another reason to punish one of the new girls again. This head girl has featured in a few of Cutie Spankees updates, and she’s one strict domineering bitch. She really likes getting the lower girls panties down so she can spank their soft plump butts.
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blm k01 Spanked Japanese Teen Lesbians

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with two hot sexy Japanese teen girls making out with each other. In fact it should be encouraged as much as possible. However like everything else, there’s a time and a place, and the place is definitely not in the school locker rooms. These two girls just couldn’t keep their hands off each other when they see each other in their tight gym shorts, and they were soon engrossed in exploring each others bodies. So engrossed that they didn’t notice their teacher behind them. Now this teacher isn’t normally so strict, but finding two girls locked in a passionate embrace, with their tongues in each others mouths during school hours was just too much. Lesbian sex in school cannot be tolerated so both girls are going to get a proper punishment that they’ll remember for some time to come.

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Here’s an interesting video from Hand-Spanking.com, with a slight twist to it. It features a mother and daughter duo, and guess who gets the spanking? Well if you said the daughter you’re wrong. Tomomi has been taking piano lessons with her daughter Maki. When the instructor realizes that she hasn’t been practicing enough, Tomomi receives a proper spanking right in front of Maki. This video gives you a hot milf, two sexy babes, some humiliation and of course a whole load of spanking. Sounds good.

19 April, 2014
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A head nurse is furious at a trainee for causing so much troubles and punishes her. Then the young girl rebels against her boss only to find herself over the knee for another bottom-warming spanking. See how this head nurse keeps her charges in check at Hand-Spanking, where you’ll find more uniformed discipline and much more sexy female on female spanking.

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This strict step-mother strongly believes in dealing out a suitable punishment if her step daughter steps out of line. However this time she is the one who’s broke the rules and her step daughter isn’t about to miss out on the chance to get some payback for all the spankings she’s received.
She’s caught her step mother helping herself to a bit of extra money so she gives her a choice, either she admits it to her husband and receives a spanking and reduced money next week, or she takes a spanking now off her step daughter. Being a rational woman she knows she only has one choice and that is to submit her bottom to a spanking off her step daughter.
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bnr332 60 a Step Daughters Revenge

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The young mistress has enjoyed using her maids round soft bottom for her own personal pleasure for some time now. But today things are going to be different. When the maid enters her mistresses room she’s expecting that she’ll soon end up with a sore red bottom, but to her complete surprise her mistress orders the maid to spank her instead. At first the maid is surprised and hesitant fearing her mistress is playing some kind of cruel trick on her. But when her mistress makes it quite clear what she wents the maid finally realises this is for real. Not only is this really happening but the maid realises this may be her only chance to get some revenge on her mistress for all the ass blistering spankings she’s received in the past. So she orders her mistress who’s still dressed in her uniform to raise her skirt, lower her tight white panties and bend over so that her soft creamy buttocks are exposed to the now very excited maid.

19 April, 2014

5 Tennis Girl Nana

Nana loves to play tennis, and she plays as often as she can. She wants to start playing in some local tennis tournaments, so she’s bought all the right gear so she’ll look good on the court. The thing she really loves the most about her new tennis uniform is her little pink tennis dress. She knows she looks really cute in it, and the best thing about it is that it’s really short so that anyone behind her will get a great view of her sexy and really spankable ass whenever she bends over. Tennis loving Nana is just one of the girls featured at Nalgas Club, they select the best of our works specializing in movies of Japanese girl’s hot butt & ass. If you love to see hot butt, lesbian play of young, cute Japanese girls, NALGASCLUB.COM is a must

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You just never know when you are likely to get a good spanking as this girl finds out. Lisa is a hamburger shop staff girl who carelessly shows mature Tomomi the spanking menu she got in town the previous day. Surprisingly enough, Tomomi forgets all about getting something to eat and instead orders from the menu. After all you can get a burger anytime but spanking sexy Lisa’s firm tender butt is’nt something you should pass up. There’s something really sexy watching a sexy milf spanking a cute girl and this video gets better when Lisa returns the favor and spanks Tomomi’s gorgeous plump ass.

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