1 Want To Spank Reis Ass?

For fans of the best and sexiest Japanese butts everywhere, here’s the lovely Rei. This set is from NALGAS CLUB, so you can be sure youre going to see the best shots of her lovely ass in all its glory. If you don’t know NALGAS CLUB isn’t a spanking site, it’s a Japanese butt fetish site. Yes that’s right this site brings you the most perfect, roundest magnificent butts you’ll ever wish to see. You want to see hi-quality images of these glorious butts, you got it. Or maybe you want to see hi-quality and completely uncensored hardcore sex videos of these babes displaying their butts and wearing the sexiest panties, and thongs, you can have that as well.

3 Want To Spank Reis Ass?

9 April, 2014

More Japanese medical themed spankings. Nurse Risa is upset with a younger nurse over repeated improprieties. So she decides to administer an OTK spanking to teach her. However the tables are turned when Risa is given her own punishment by the clinic’s doctor for paying insufficient attention to the young nurse.

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tn p19 01 Japanese Schoolgirl Spanking tn p19 04 Japanese Schoolgirl Spanking
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More great japanese schoolgirl spanking for you! In this new update from HAND-SPANKING.COM Saya’s plan backfires and Kurumi gets her revenge on her classmate. Saya hates Kurumi, she reckons she’s a teachers pet. So she decides to have some fun by setting Kurumi up by telling their teacher she’s been seen smoking. Saya reckons this is bound to earn Kurumi a severe spanking from the teacher. But Saya’s deception has been uncovered and instead of Kurumi getting the spanking it’s Saya who ends up bent over the desk with her skirt up with both their teacher and Kurumi giving her bare buttocks a well deserved thrashing. Kurumi gets her revenge and it’s a red-hot bum for a naughty girl!

g13 36 Office Revenge Spanking

More office spanking from Hand-Spanking. In this video Mao and Jun are not at all pleased with their boss Izumi.
The two employees are furious with anger at their boss and decide to get their revenge on her. When the boss lady gets back to the office they don’t hesitate to force her to bend over the desk. They rip off her pantyhose and administer a hard bare bottom spanking Izumi won’t be forgetting for some time.
g13 41 Office Revenge Spanking

9 April, 2014

y8 v5 Mistress Yuri
In this video from Hand-Spanking.com, Mistress Yuriko gives a tutorial on how to discipline Momoko, the slave girl, with an old-fashioned spanking.

sc3 d01 School Spanking Memories

Yuka is visiting her old school. While looking around the classroom her mind drifts back to the days she spent in class. One particular memory is when her strict teacher would bend her over the desk and give her bottom a thorough spanking. At the time Yuka hated the punishments and resented her teacher who seemed to be very keen to spank Yukas’ bottom at every opportunity. As well the stinging bottom Yuka particularly recalls the look on her teachers face as she dished out her punishment. The intense look, the flushing cheeks and little gasps her teacher made as the paddle hit Yukas tender backside is a look Yuka knows only too well now she’s grown up. Yuka casts her mind back and begins to fantasize about her teacher walking into the room and ordering her to hitch up her skirt and bend over the desk. Yuka becomes aware that she’s subconciously pulled her skirt up and her pussy is now very hot and wet. Now she knows what she really needs she can’t wait to get home to finish off this schoolroom fantasy. CLICK HERE to get your chance to see Yukas’ sexy fantasy school spanking now!

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9 April, 2014

1 Spankable Mika

It’s not many that don’t appreciate the sight of a beautiful woman bent over displaying her perfect spankable ass, and Mika proves this wonderfully. This pantyhosed babes ass is just made for a swift, firm touch of the hand isn’t it. Mika is just one of the many gorgeous ladies on the Nalgas Club site. Why is this site special you may wonder? Well it specializes only in Japanese women with the best most spankable asses on the Web, a true treasure chest of the most amazing and sexiest bottoms you’ll ever find.

A new employee Laura’s boss tells her that if she breaks any of the company’s rules she will most certainly have to be spanked. She doesn’t take her boss seriously,but soon she finds out it’s no joke when she comes late to the office.

tn c11 01 New Employee Training tn c11 06 New Employee Training
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smp0122 3 Caught stealing lingerie

Sometimes a girl wants to look and feel extra sexy and to aid the experience it helps to dress sexy, so with this in mind Azumi has borrowed some of her step mothers sexiest expensive lingerie without asking first. When her step mother finds out about this there’s only one thing she can do, and that’s to give Azumi the punishment she deserves. So she calls Azumi into her bedroom to deal with her.
See Azumi get her just punishment from her sexy step mother at Cutie Spankee, this set has over 50 images and don’t forget about the video.

smp0122 8 Caught stealing lingerie

9 April, 2014

bs q 02 Training A Waitress
The staff in this restaurant are all keen on discipline, and what better way to train up a new waitress than to spank her luscious bottom whenever she makes a mistake. The new waitress has messed up an order so of course she’s going to get a firm spanking as punishment from her supervisor.
Unfortuanately for the supervisor the boss walks in and decides that the supervisor also needs a sharp reminder to get her trainees in order. So both girls end up bent over the chair whilst their sexy boss paddles their shapely bottoms.
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